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Green Kanine Album out now on all digital platforms

Green Kanine out now!

Who are we?

Enigma Records LtdIndependent label focused on creating ways for artists to earn a living from their craft. We take Artists that know absolutely nothing about the music industry's inner workings and get them started on developing into the artist they want to be. All while earning a living from their craft.Empowering a generation.

what we do

Here at Enigma, we use modern technology to provide:
1. Recording, mixing & mastering services
2. Album & single distribution services
3. Merchandise for artists
4. Vinyl copies of artists albums for sale
5. Podcast recording/mixing/distributing
6. Open recording contracts that allow artists to work freely within the industry

Artists and Music

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At Enigma we take your raw recordings & helps you turn them into a kick-ass, audience-growing show.We work tirelessly to create the most efficient, most simply laid out process to get your polished podcast back into your hands in no time.
Once you’ve made the decision to join us, it’s as easy as creating a cloud folder, submitting your files, and sitting back to let us do our magic!
We offer:
1. A single episode service
2. A monthly subscription service of up to 4 episodes per month

Professional Master

Professional Mix and Master

Free audio master (1 track)

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At Enigma records we provide 100% custom made lathe cut vinyl records for every album and single we release. As a result the process is done buy order only and every vinyl has a turnaround time from order to your doorstel of around 4-6 weeks but can and often times do get delivered before that time period.Below is a video example (provided by Haunted Birthday records) of what goes into making a lathe cut record, hope you enjoy!

Podcast Packages

Single Episode

Consisting of:*Mix and master of one episode
*Distribution on all major platforms
Cost - £50 one off fee


Complete Podcast

Consisting of:*Mix and master of up to four episodes/month
*Distribution on all major platforms
*Podcast Website
Cost - £150 monthly subscription

What you get

Audio editing, show notes, and transcriptMaximum RAW Editing up to 60 minutes per episodeSync of multi-track channelsIntros, outros and sponsor messagesNoise reduction and audio cleaning (umms, aahs, stutters, restarts, etc)Volume matching for even sounding playbackFull ID3 meta data taggingSUBSCRIPTION ONLY
Unlimited Podcast hosting
Dedicated website

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What exactly do you do?
We empower podcasters like yourself to do great things by providing a multitude of service offerings in the podcasting sphere. Pre & Post-production, writing services, recording, video editing, voice-overs, and more.
Can you help set up my podcast?
We do offer launch services within the Monthly Subscription that can be tailored to suit your needs. We’d be happy to help you put your podcast together from the ground up. Please get in touch via podcast@enigmarecords.co.uk or the form above.
Can you advise on what podcast equipment I need?
We most certainly can. Please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.
What is your turnaround time?
We provide a 48-hour turnaround time on the majority of our services. If you’re only having episodes edited, they will be back within 48-hours. If you have a Monthly Subscription package which is a comprehensive service, the assets will be back within 3 to 7 days.
How and where do I send you the files to be worked on?
Once payment is processed, you will receive a submission document outlining the steps to setup shared folders. We use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or pCloud.
Would I have an assigned member of your team, or just whoever is available?
We prefer to pair an editor with your show to have them get to know your requirements and style of editing. Every podcast is different.
How will I communicate with you?
You will communicate with your sound engineer by email when submitting content and providing feedback.
I’m ready to get started, but I have a few more questions.
We’d be happy to answer those questions for you. Please reach out to us via podcast@enigmarecords.co.uk or in the form above.
How do I pay for the services?
When you choose your package you’ll be prompted to pay via Paypal for your subscription or package. We use Paypal as a credit card processor for the majority of our transactions, but also offer alternatives when needed.
Can I cancel my plan anytime?
You most certainly can, you aren’t locked into any long-term commitments. We’re here to help.
Do I need to commit to a contract on the monthly plans?
You don’t need to sign any contracts when working with us on a month to month basis.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We do offer a 7-Day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with our services.
If I start now, can I have my first episode out in 72 hours?
You can actually have it back within 48-hours if you jump on it right away.
I’m ready to hire you for my podcast production. What are the next steps?
Next steps would be to have you choose your package that suits your needs and then follow the setup instructions that will be emailed after payment has been processed. We are looking forward to having you join the Enigma podcast family.

Thank you

A confirmation email should be in your inbox within 24hrs
Thank you for supporting up and coming artists!



How to release music (without a label)

Independent music distributors have made it easier than ever for unsigned bands, solo artists and producers to start selling their music to the masses, and earning royalties from the most popular music platforms.
Music distributors act as a mediator between you and the major stores. You can simply sign up and upload your tracks for a small fee. Once you’ve done this, you can get music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and many other stores.
Sounds simple, right? It certainly is. But there are a few things to think about before you start releasing your tracks independently.
Regardless of how awesome your song is, you need to get a high-quality, professionally-produced recording in mp3 or WAV format. You generally have two option when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering your music.
If you’re lucky enough to be (or know) an experienced producer, and have access to production software and microphones, recording your track at home is an easy and more cost-effective way to get your music ready to release. However, this is only really a viable option if you have a relatively simple setup, for example, if you’re an acoustic singer-songwriter.If you’re in a three, four, or five-piece band, or you don’t know much about music production, it’s worth heading to the studio. If you have a reasonable budget to work with you should find a local producer and get your music recorded professionally. Remember, you get what you pay for in the studio, so might have to shell out a little more to guarantee your finished track sounds great.CREATE YOUR ALBUM ARTWORK
Every single, EP or album you release will need some eye-catching album artwork to go with it. Album art is an important but often overlooked part of releasing new music.
Remember, it’s the first impression you give to a prospective fan, and can be big factor for listeners deciding whether to hit play on your latest track.Your artwork will need to be a minimum of 2400 x 2400 pixels in size. Make sure you don’t include too much text on it either, other than the song and artist name, as it may be rejected by the stores. It’ll also needs to represent you well as an artist, so try not to rush it. A fantastic album cover can help you truly stand out in a crowded industry.FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Once you have your track and artwork ready, you’ll need to find an independent music distributor, sometimes referred to as a music aggregator. There are a few different distributors to choose from, each with different prices and structure.
First, you should make sure your distributor is offering a fair deal on your royalties. Some distributors will only release your tracks in return for a slice of your royalty payments, which, depending on the way they work, could be up to 15% of your earnings. There are also distributors that will let you keep 100% of everything you make, so shop around.The best distributors will also give you the option to add sales-boosting tools like pre-release, worldwide chart registration and more to your release. These services can help to give your sales total a boost, and make your track eligible to enter the official charts across the globe.
Now you know what to look for from your potential distributor, let’s discuss release strategy.
A carefully-planned and effective release strategy is essential for unsigned bands and artists who want make sure their latest track sells and racks up streams online.
You can’t just put a song out there and hope for the best. You ideally want to start planning your release around 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the date it’s due to drop.In a perfect world, you’d have the budget to hire a PR exec to help you get press and a radio plugger to get your tracks on the airwaves, but the vast majority of independent musicians don’t have the capital to make this happen. If you’re strapped for cash, however, there’s plenty you can do to give your release a boost.First of all, raise your social media game. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer an easy (and free) way to promote your upcoming release. Post interesting content regularly, engage with your current followers and invite new people to like your pages.
You can also do some DIY PR. Build an electronic press kit, put together a great press release that really sells your latest track and the story of your music career, and start getting in touch with the bloggers and media outlets that would be most likely to write about you.
Create hype around your music, get out there and play as many gigs as possible and make people take notice.GET STARTED NOW
If your music is ready to release and you want to get started right now, Ditto Music is one of the world’s leading independent music distributors. Just sign up, upload your latest tracks and see where your music can take you.
Alternatively, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!