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Who are we?

Enigma Records Ltd

Independent label focused on creating ways for artists to earn a living from their craft.

Empowering a generation.

what we do

Here at Enigma, we use modern technology to provide:
1. recording, mixing & mastering services
2. album & single distribution services
3. merchandise for artists
4. vinyl copies of artists albums for sale
5. open recording contracts that allow artists to work freely within the industry
6. a donation to music charities of 15% off all profits

Artists and Music

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At Enigma records we provide 100% custom made lathe cut vinyl records for every album and single we release. As a result the process is done buy order only and every vinyl has a turnaround time from order to your doorstel of around 4-6 weeks but can and often times do get delivered before that time period.

Below is a video example (provided by Haunted Birthday records) of what goes into making a lathe cut record, hope you enjoy!

Tame bull at 5 vinyl
Escape at 5 vinyl

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